Borg is a proudly Australian-owned business, encapsulating a group of companies including polytec, polytec laminates, Crossmuller, Borg Manufacturing, reDirect Recycling and Direct Pallets. The Borg business model supports sustainable practices throughout all companies and brands, while employing over 2000 people nationwide.

Borg’s commitment to Australian manufacturing has been the focus of the organisation for over 30 years. Through a development of brands from manufacturing services to recycling initiatives, Borg continues to grow in the Australian market.

Ensuring the production of the highest quality in the most cost-effective manufacturing processes is integral to Borg's intent of delivering superior value to its customers. Through Borg Manufacturing, timber products are manufactured and distributed nationwide across a wide range of brands. With multiple manufacturing sites across Australia, Borg Manufacturing employ world class production and manufacturing innovation.

Crossmuller specialise in the design and development of such world-class manufacturing facilities, including everything from design, construction, installation, and commissioning. Crossmuller’s mission is to enable successful Australian manufacturing by providing safe, smart, and efficient solutions.

Borg is highly aligned with sustainability and has adapted vertical integration into every aspect of the business. Through recycling initiatives created by the newly acquired reDirect Recycling and Direct pallets, Borg is aiming for circular resource recovery solutions which can be integrated into other parts of the business. By restoring the end-of-life process of products, Borg is offering affordable products and services with vertical integration that also benefits the environment.

Elements of every business work together in the Borg group of companies, from manufacturing to recycling and services, highlighting the importance of vertical integration and investment in infrastructure.


The values and ethics of a "hands on", tenacious, entrepreneurial private Australian business are at the core of our organisation. Founded 30 years ago, Michael and John Borg remain the driving force within the business – their energy and enthusiasm are as important today as they were when they commenced operations in the humble family garage.

While it's a little more formal today, our Growth Agenda is underpinned by a commitment to 6 critical pillars, namely:

  1. Investment in Leading Edge Technologies and Optimised Manufacturing Practices.
  2. Continuous improvement of Business Systems and Processes
  3. Excellence in Customer Service
  4. Development of leading brands through market research, product innovation and development
  5. Workplace Safety and Protection of the Environment
  6. Consistent and Contemporary Values, Ethics and Behaviours

Borg Manufacturing is making a difference in our sector. As a growing vertically integrated company we see significant value in innovation and new product development which, in turn, fuels the investment in automated technologies and efficient manufacturing processes. It is a formula that requires vision and long term commitment – the build is as important as the outcome.

The company will continue to strive to be the leading participant in the sector, providing all stakeholders with the confidence that they are part of a successful, growing Australian business enterprise.