Oberon home to Australia’s largest rooftop Solar PV system

Borg has once more implemented an unrivalled sustainability initiative, working closer towards Australia’s low emissions goal and assisting in creating a circular economy.

Installed at the Borg-owned Australian Panels facility in Oberon, the 10 MW rooftop solar system is Australia’s largest rooftop solar system. It comprises over 27,000 panels which covers an area of 8 football fields (8 ha).

This project was delivered in two-stages by Newcastle-based EPC provider Earthconnect, finalising the two-year endeavour and boosting generation capacity to 10MWdc at the beginning of 2022. The first stage, 2 MW system consisted of 6,000 solar panel and 28 x 50 kW inverters. The second stage, 8 MW comprised of 21,000 panels that is spread across 45 km’s of mounting rail coupled with 53 x 110 kW inverters. The rooftop solar system is expected to generate 14 GWh of clean energy annually, helping to reduce carbon emissions by up to 15,000 tonnes.

The Oberon system adds to the company’s already extensive solar portfolio, Borg’s national portfolio of facilities have a total of 53,967 solar panels installed with 17.66 million solar kWh generated and 11,897 Co2 emissions saved. This includes 1.3MW solar installation at the Australian Panels Charmhaven facility and 2.1MW of solar energy generated across two facilities in Somersby. Borg is continuing to strive for a greener future and aim to lessen the environmental impact of manufacturing by promoting vertical integration and an industrial ecosystem.