4-Megawatt Gas Turbine Installed at Oberon Facility

As part of Australian Panels’ commitment to appropriately managing, monitoring, and improving our performance in the environmental impact of our products, Crossmuller’s Electrical Division has commenced work on installing a 4-Megawatt Gas Turbine Generator at the Oberon Facility.

Before the installation could begin, a high-pressure gas pipeline and Gas Conditioning Station was installed. This station ensures the Turbine can access approximately 2000kPa supply of gas to run at maximum efficiency. The gas supply pipeline and pressure reduction station were completed within two years.

The Gas Turbine Generator will be connected to the site’s high voltage network and will produce a maximum of 4 Megawatts at 11,000V. This amount of energy will support 20% of the site’s power consumption. Combined with the existing Solar Panels, 40% of the site will be powered by sustainable energy.

Utilising the by-product of any process is an important part of sustainability. The 4-Megawatt Gas Turbine Generator produces around 10 Megawatts of exhaust at 515°C, which will supplement the drying process on the Particleboard Drying System.