Equal Employment Opportunities

Borg is an Equal Opportunity Employer. We provide fair and equitable access to jobs, employment conditions and training and promotion opportunities. We partner with various agencies including Aboriginal Employment Services, Job Centre Australia, Juvenile Justice and Correction Centres, Asylum Seekers Centre and Settlement Services International to offer employment opportunities to a range of people including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, people with disabilities and other disadvantaged people within our community.

Our Gender Equality Policy focuses on advancing gender equality and equity in the workplace by identifying strategies and improvement initiatives to improve gender equality in our workplace. Our aim is to create a family friendly and supportive work environment through a number of initiatives including the provision of flexible or modified work arrangements to assist employees who may be experiencing difficulties in their personal lives, for example those who may be experiencing domestic violence.

Borg employs around 2000 people throughout Australia. We take great pride in the fact that of our 2000+ employees, 99% are employed in permanent full time positions. We employ a diverse work group throughout our sites and we are fortunate that we are able to provide opportunities for those in disadvantaged sectors of our community such as the long term unemployed, migrants and refugees, people with disabilities and young people. We are passionate about investing in young talent and have over 60 apprentices working for Borg across 10 different career fields. We actively partner with local schools to assist students with industry assignments by providing tours of our facilities and work experience opportunities.

A number of our major manufacturing facilities are located in regional areas. We are major employers in these areas and proud to partner with the local communities to expand employment opportunities wherever possible. We support safe and fair workplaces and ensure that we are compliant with industrial laws at all times and we actively promote secure employment.

Borg is a QMS Approved company Borg is a JAS/ANZ Approved company

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