Woodchem is a resin manufacturer for materials used in the joinery and construction industries.

Based in Oberon, Woodchem produces and distributes a range of products based on formaldehyde, urea, and melamine. The principal products are resins, which are used in the manufacture of Particleboard and Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF) for the use in the building and furniture industries.

Woodchem combine chemistry and high production standards to create all resins in-house for decorative board, benchtops, MDF, and particleboard products, ensuring product maintains durability and stability. This process means that resins are constantly advancing for the industry.

Urea resins are used mainly in the wood products industry, noted for fast curing, stability, strength, cost-effectiveness and versatility for wood composites and decorative laminate paper saturation applications. Melamine resins are used extensively in decorative laminates from benchtops to cabinetry, along with Melamine Urea Formaldehyde resins useful in fibreboard manufacturing where superior durability is required.