reDirect Recycling

reDirect Recycling offer circular resource recovery solutions. The processes are part of a streamlined system that ensures excess waste is diverted from landfill.

reDirect Wood Recycling conduct waste management from collection and transport to treatment of pallets, mixed clean timber, and particleboard offcuts. The overall goal is to produce new resources and return them to the market, creating a circular process. Meanwhile, reDirect Metal Recycling collect, and sort metals recovered from construction and manufacturing sites.

reDirect Metal Recycling highlights the importance of investment in infrastructure for the collection and processing of recycled material. reDirect Recycling offers a solution to combat the rising challenges of modern recycling, and the considerable pressure placed on the recycling sector in Australia due to lack of sustainable infrastructure.

reDirect Recycling operates one of New South Wales largest drill mud recycling facilities, returning treated mud fines and aggregates to be used as engineered fill, sand, and specialist soil, fertiliser and compost products which are sold on for use in the building, landscaping, and agricultural industries, contributing to the circular economy.

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