polytec Laminates

polytec Laminates is an Australian owned, private company based in Malaysia with state-of-the-art paper treating and pressing lines, with the most recent installations in 2018.

Specialising in Compact Laminate, High Pressure Laminate and Continuous Laminate, polytec Laminates maintain excellent technical properties with a high degree of consistency, resulting in exceptional quality products. These laminates are produced from high-quality cellulose paper, impregnated with in-house developed resin, and processed under high temperature and pressure.

The polytec Laminate’s colour range is developed in Australia by the in-house research and development team, providing pragmatic product solutions. polytec colours combine modern trends with popular classics to create a fashionable new range. From benchtops to desks and furniture, cubicle partitions and lockers, whatever your project requires, our laminates provide a hard wearing and low maintenance surface at an affordable price. With an outstanding array of colours, styles and surface finishes, the polytec range of Compact Laminates, High Pressure laminates and Continuous Laminates is amongst the most comprehensive, produced with the state-of-art technology and latest process know-how conforming to international quality standard. polytec Laminates are distributed in Australia by polytec, and throughout Australasia by polytec Laminates Malaysia.

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