Direct Pallets

Direct Pallets offer a range of recycled, new and custom-made pallets, skids, crates and boxes.

Direct Pallets, a closed loop pallet specialist, providing new, recycled, and custom-made pallets, crates, and dunnage for local or export use. Servicing the Greater Sydney and Newcastle, Direct Pallets offer removal, recycling and delivery services and re-condition pallets for re-use, offering a sustainable solution for businesses looking to reduce their logistics costs.

Direct Pallets supply customers with the highest quality packaging solutions at the lowest cost to meet storage, supply chain, and transport requirements. Direct Pallets offers re-conditioned and used timber and plastic pallets at an affordable, cost-effective method for the transportation, distribution, and warehousing of products. We recycle and recondition old pallets so that they can be used again, maximising their life cycle, and closing the loop on pallet waste.

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